Everything Happens So Much

by hjeartzz

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released August 30, 2014

All songs written, recorded, and performed by TMorgan.



all rights reserved


hjeartzz UK

Bedroom superstars from a pop-geek universe, mixing schoolboy earnestness with bratty, teenage rock 'n' roll.

Booking: hjearts@gmail.com

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Track Name: (someday)
It starts with an ending,
as I started undressing
in somebody else's
bedroom that night.
Track Name: King of the Dipshits
I skip some days and hope to find
when I come out the other side
that everything is all right,
but it never seems to work that way.

'Cause there's a lot of things I regret,
things I forgot to forget -
it's fucking pathetic
that I still make the same mistakes.

But what's to say that I should change,
when it's all the same now
day after day after day after day?

So, okay, I'll admit it,
I'm the newly crowned
King of the Dipshits.

Well, I turn on the radio
and I think I hear a song I know:
"Tally ho! Tally ho!"
Maybe this could be my day?

But there's no way. Nothing will change.
It's always the same now,
day after day after day after day.

And there's no way I'll benefit,
and each day I'm tempted to quit,
but fuck that! I'll just admit
that I'm the newly crowned
King of the Dipshits.
Track Name: Your Song
Well, I can rarely ever stomach your views
on what I should and shouldn't do,
but today I've got an hour to kill
and the rain is filling up my shoes.
So, I suppose, this was overdue.

Still a bore is a bore and I'm bored
sitting here listening to you,
and I think that I just liked you more
when you were so hopelessly unsure,

because who needs a friend
with a taste for success?
I'd more or less
be better off were you dead.
Some thoughts should remain unsaid.

Still, I'm fine
with lagging behind
and biding my time.

And no, I don't have much money,
but imagine that I'm suddenly rich:
to see you flinch
and drop your shit-eating-grin,
would truly be such a wonderful thing.

Because, who needs a "friend"
that's so easily misled
by their success, and worse yet
would hold it over your head.

That's why I'm fine
falling behind,
because the time's right
for saying good-bye,
so "buh-bye!",
you fucking miserable swine.
Track Name: Amongst the Apple Trees
As morning drags with weary step
the thought of you, calling at my door
of well-worn regret, well
you can bet that I obsess
over whatever to the next,
whilst the hours keep passing me right by.
Still, there's little point complaining
because you're doing fine,
and all of this comparing
scratches that are nowhere to be seen,
leads me way-out amongst the apple trees.

So, follow blindly in reverie,
the ties that bind our memories.

These days I'm almost parallel
with something I had written
as a child on my bedroom wall:
"Well, all of this is nothing
if not day-to-day living
for something so much more."
And yeah, in you I thought I found
what I'd been looking for,
but I was only going in circles
forever trying to get free
or those dreams amongst the apple trees.

So, follow blindly if I should lead,
but I'm not saying it's really me.

So, follow blindly in reverie,
if you remember you forgot me.

See, for what it's worth, the jealousy
is now safe in harbour, it's moored to the quay,
but I'm not saying that's where I'll be
if you remember you forgot me.