by hjeartzz

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released August 4, 2014

All songs written, recorded, and performed by TMorgan.



all rights reserved


hjeartzz UK

Bedroom superstars from a pop-geek universe, mixing schoolboy earnestness with bratty, teenage rock 'n' roll.


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Track Name: Kicking Against the Pricks
For all the time I piss and whine
you'll find I'm doing just fine,
imparting lies like good advice
and hiding truths between the lines.

Still, I agree that I could be
something better than me,
but it's obscene that I should plead
like a dog down at their feet,

'cause why would anybody
want to feel so cheap?
Is all I'm chasing so out of reach?
Nothing's as it seems.
Is this even me?

So, I'll concede to this defeat,
sit nursing my self-esteem,
and keep chasing dreams upon my knees
whilst acting so eager to please.

And why would anybody
want to feel so cheap?
I guess we're all
a little bit needy.
Is all I'm chasing so out of reach?
Is it even me?
What dignity?
Track Name: (This Sandwich Has) No Mayonnaise
The truth won't exist
in the bottled-piss your lovers spit,
and empty-handed plaudits
leave you face-to-face with the abyss
-- so keep gawking!

As you listen to the listless
that dress you up with their excess,
fetishing safe-sex-pedestrian-relationships
-- it all means nothing,
but they're still talking at you,

flies buzzing around rotten fruit,
parasites feeding on your wounds.
Such endless spoils you have accrued
for that tune.

Still, these systematic, sychophantic pricks
are quick for easy kicks,
but surely you must get sick
of listening to their shit?
Because I know I would
if I was as cool as you,

with flies buzzing around rotten fruit
and parasites feeding on my wounds.
The endless spoils I would accrue,
with a healthy 'LOOK-AT-ME!' attitude
for some tune.
Track Name: Sad Creeps
Well, I'd believe
in anything that's less obscene
than my jeans down at my knees,
jacking-off to a T.V. screen.

And you know that I know
there's more to life than fucking myself,
but I'm too lonely to care.

These days are slow
with nowhere to go,
and no one I'd even care to know.
I guess that's just the way it's going to be.

Now nothing's on,
so I tell myself to write this song.
Watching a spider scale the wall.
Becoming evermore withdrawn,

but it's okay, I'll play God today,
and squash the spider with my thumb
-- this time they'll know my name!

This claim to fame
will just have to wait,
as I sit around and waste the day.
It's always the same,
making mistakes
and looking for someone else to blame,
when maybe what I really ought to do
is take a long, hard look
at myself.